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Source My Car

Find answers to the most common questions!

Got Questions?

What is the benefit of using Source My Car?

Source My Car offers a impartial advice and support through a personalised and bespoke service that is built around your requirements. We aim to remove the hassle of finding a new car by being that source of information and guidance to walk you through the process.

Will I have to manage it myself?

We offer three packages to cover a range of requirements. As part of our Silver and Gold packages, we will manage all conversations and negotiations with any car seller (whether private or at a dealership or garage) on your behalf. This means that you won’t get interrupted with phone calls and we can manage those conversations as a third party to get you the best value.

Is this service different to car comparison websites?

Yes, we are very different. We pride ourselves on offering a bespoke service that not only removes the hassle for the client, but also has a focus on getting the client the very best in value for money.

Personal negotiation handled by Source My Car means that we can bring higher value through a better price to our clients.

How does Source My Car find me the best deal on a car?

We have access to a vast network of dealerships and private sellers, and with our knowledge of the car market and pricing, we will negotiate pricing to get you true value for money.

Can I buy any type of car through Source My Car?

Yes, you can buy any type of car through our platform, whether it’s a new or used car, or a luxury or a family car. We also source commercial vehicles for businesses.