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About Us

Vincent Noott profile image, vince is a professional car sourcing expert who has 20 plus year experience in sourcing and finding the perfect cars and vehicles for his extensive list of clients

About Source My Car

Vincent, the founder of Source My Car, has long been a car enthusiast. During his twenties, Vincent put his love for speed and fast cars to good use and became a competitor in the car drifting world, which saw him sponsored by Pirelli and compete for several years in the UK and Europe including European Drifting Championships, British Drift Championship, JDM All-Stars and the International Drift Series European final at the Nurburgring in Germany.

In 2018, Vincent established West Midlands Car Detailing, setting up a business based on the skills he learnt over the years in motorsport, bringing together a passion for cars with a business that puts the car at the centre of attention.

After supporting friends and long-standing customers to find new cars, Vincent has since set up Source My Car, as a bespoke service to help people navigate through what can be a tricky and stressful market and process.

Vincent has spent his fair share of years buying, driving, dismantling, modifying and rebuilding and generally loving being around cars. That’s what makes him the ideal person to have on your side in the search for your next car, getting you exactly what you are looking for, and for a price that you deserve to pay.

Source My Car is built around being fair, open, honest and transparent in all client relationships.
We are breaking down the barriers of the car industry, making it simple and accessible for everyone and taking away the hassle with a bespoke service for each and every client.